Posted by: RAH Infotech | April 4, 2012

No Right is Left by RAH

The biggest value proposition RAH adds is Right technologies at the Right time and at the Right price points.

Dalip Arora, COO India & SAARC, RAH Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Dalip Arora,
COO India & SAARC,
RAH Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The  small and medium enterprises are facing increasing competition in the  wake of global liberalization. Timely payment collections and getting a  good margin of profit are the key challenges SMBs face today. As such,  innovation along with entrepreneurial abilities are  the trump cards in  this game-changing IT landscape. Established by global IT leaders in the  year 2005 with a focus on providing state-of-the-art technology  solutions, today RAH Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (RAH) is amongst one of India’s fastest-growing IT value-added distribution (VAD) companies.

During  six years of its operations, RAH has been providing enhanced IT  solutions to a large number of channel partners and corporates in India and SAARC countries and has been growing more than 30% year on year.  Though RAH caters to its customers across all verticals, their major focus is on IT/ITeS, banking, manufacturing and telecom.

The  company today has a team of more than 50 highly experienced and  motivated professionals, strong sales, presales and post-sales strength along with strong logistical support across the country. It has a strong  channel base of more than 450 VARs and SIs across India and SAARC.

RAH  specializes in providing Information Security, Wired and Wireless  Networking Solutions, Regulatory Compliance Solutions, Application  Delivery Solutions, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Solutions, KVM  Solutions, IP Surveillance Solutions, Managed Services and Technology  Consulting Services.

RAH is  associated with brands like A10 Networks, Alfa Network Inc., Altai  Technologies, Astaro, Barracuda Networks, Celestix, Fat pipe, Maipu,  Micro Tik, Quest Software, SMC Networks, Trustwave, WatchGuard and  Wavion.

Focus for 2012…

The  company’s focus for the year 2012 is on expanding its reach to be able  to reach more customers and to add more value. It will continue to add  more solutions under its umbrella to be able to provide comprehensive  information management solutions to the partners and customers all under  one roof. “As we strengthen our portfolio of solutions, our focus will  also be on educating and enabling our partners to be able to pitch these  solutions to the customers. Soon, we will have our in-house marketing  team which will help our vendors in promoting their solutions and will  also help our partners with respect to marketing thereby adding value to  both our partners and vendors,” says Dalip Arora, COO India &  SAARC, RAH Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

RAH  signed up with Trustwave, a provider of on-demand data security and  payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and  organizations throughout the globe. This partnership will help in  furthering the commitment towards securing customers through the channel  partners.

Channel Initiatives…

RAH  Infotech believes in working hand-in-hand with the partners who are an  integral part of its business model. RAH Infotech has a strict “no  direct dealing with the customer” policy which not only upholds the  business ethics but also brings the partners closer to the company.

“Channel  enablement is one of our key focus areas and we regularly conduct sales  and technical training programmes to get them updated on all the latest  technologies we deal with and also get them market ready. We also  provide them with marketing support to help them sell better,” adds  Arora.

In the end…

According  to RAH, upcountry market is of strategic importance. Though the major  chunk of its revenue comes from Enterprise business, SMB market is  picking up fast and will be the next big thing in the days to come. With  a host of products and solutions to offer, the company aims at tapping  the potential of this growing market especially in the tier-II and  tier-III cities. And to achieve this, RAH will be recruiting more  tier-II and tier-III partners to reach out to the customers in these  cities and also will have a channel team especially to focus on  upcountry markets working closely with the partners in these regions.


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