Posted by: RAH Infotech | April 11, 2012

A10 Networks Unveils AX 3530 to Alleviate IPv4 Address Shortages and Aid IPv6 Adoption

New 1RU AX 3530 Delivers over 100 Gbps Throughput; Leads Market with Features, Scalability and Ease of Use

A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Networking, unveiled a new 64-bit model in its AX Series family, the AX 3530, powered by A10’s scalable Advanced Core OS (ACOS) to deliver significant performance, flexibility, efficiency and cost advantages for service providers addressing IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 migration. The AX 3530 is a compact 1 Rack Unit (RU) appliance with the industry’s highest performance for IPv4 preservation solutions, such as Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN), in addition to IPv6 migration solutions, such as NAT64/DNS64, DS-Lite and 6rd.

Service providers today have multiple options to address IPv4 exhaustion and ensure that their customers’ communication and connectivity demands can be met. Choices include acquiring additional IPv4 addresses, maximizing existing IPv4 addresses with NAT techniques or migrating to IPv6. With the IPv4 address supply near exhaustion, CGN offers a proven near-term solution to maximize existing IPv4 addresses by sharing them amongst tens of thousands of users, enabling smooth transition options to IPv6 in the longer term. A10’s CGN technology is a mature solution, from the first AX Series CGN deployments, which went live in 2010, to the dozens following worldwide at major service providers.

AX 3530 – High-performance, carrier-class, efficient 64-bit AX model delivering service provider solutions for IPv4 preservation, IPv4/IPv6 translation and full IPv6 migration.

  • The AX 3530 delivers an industry record-setting 256 million concurrent connections, 115 Gbps throughput, and 3 million new session setups per second, in a 1RU compact form factor.
  • Includes two Intel Xeon eight-core (Sandy Bridge) processors, 12 x 10 Gb fiber (SFP+) ports, four 1 Gb copper ports, two 1 Gb fiber ports (SFP), 64 GB of error correction code (ECC) memory, solid-state drive (SSD), redundant power supplies (RPS) and hot swappable smart fans.
  • Carrier-class platform with Lights-out Management (LOM) including an integrated Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) sub-system.
  • Maximum power consumption is only 467 Watts.
  • Includes advanced logging, configuration and dynamic routing options; multiple High Availability techniques and fully stateful redundancy for greater service protection.

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