Posted by: RAH Infotech | April 27, 2012

Switching Sides

Why are partner organizations in India hiring executives from vendor companies?

Attritionis an age old nightmare for all kinds of businesses across the globe. And technol­ogy world is no different. The executives at partner organizations while pitch­ing vendor solutions would often join the same vendor to propel their career. In­terestingly, many vendor executives are now eyeing senior management posi­tions at partner organiza­tions for their next level of professional growth.

A common trend is movement of executives from one vendor to anoth­er. It is a relatively easier route to fortify their job profile as a Country Head or an APAC leader at a global technology vendor. Many vendor executives however are traversing the unconventional path to strengthen their career graphs with partner orga­nizations in India.

A New Trend
The last quarter of previ­ous fiscal year witnessed SonicWall’s National Channel Manager Syed Wasiq quit the security vendor and took charge as National Sales Head at Secure Network Solutions (SNS). SNSis a Chennai based partner organiza­tion specialized in security solutions. In March 2012, Sanjay Chhugani, Country Manager at Barracuda Net­works for five years joined RAH Infotech.

Sanjay Chhugani, Direc­tor – Sales, RAH Infotech says, “It is bit too early to label the migration of ven­dor executives to partner organization as an trend in the Indian IT land­scape. Some executives have succeeded while oth­ers have not while shift­ing sides from vendors to partner organizations.”

TheCareer Growth
Chhugani’s career span includes successful stints at Portwise and Ingram Micro believes, “Such career shift is more about taking up newer chal­lenges. At RAH, Iwould be needed to play a much bigger role and add a better value to the organization”. RAH Infotech head­quartered at Gurgaon is a value added distributor with strategic alliances with dozen plus vendor companies for solutions in networking and security. He would handle a much larger product portfolio than his previous role at Barracuda, says Chhugani.

Worth the Investment
Ashok Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, RAH Infotech recruited Sanjay Chhugani from Barracuda Networks. “My perspec­tive to hire the sales head for our company was not based on the fact that he should be from OEM or partner organization. Iwanted the best person in IT business.” Chhugani’s domain knowledge , industry experience and chan­nel relationship would be beneficial to the company’s growth, he adds.

Shift of Strategy
Chhugani is determined for a much bigger respon­sibility at RAH compared to his previous role at a vendor company. “Iam handling a team of more people, diverse product line and a vast customer portfo­lio which will help my pro­fessional growth and man­agement skills”, he says. “My aim is to increase the company’s revenue five-fold and making it a 200 employee organiza­tion in next few years. The plan is to expand the company geographically as a much bigger PanIndia VAD,”says Chhugani.

Here to Stay
There are executives successful with estab­lished vendors but they may not grow or justify their roles at partner orga­nizations as per Kumar at RAH Infotech. “Chhugani has a strong customer background, having worked earlier with SIcompanies like Apara and Sify. He is a well-known personality in the IT space and other vendors speak extremely well about him,” he says with confidence.

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