Posted by: RAH Infotech | June 20, 2012

A10 Networks Wins Two Best of Show Awards at Interop Tokyo for Virtualization and IPv6 Migration

AX 3530 Honored with Grand Prize in Two Separate Best of Show Categories

A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Networking, announced that its AX 3530 product received two Grand Prize awards for Best of Show at Interop Tokyo with live Performance Optimization and ShowNet demonstrations. For the awards, the AX 3530 competed against over 200 networking vendors, and A10 was the only vendor to win two Grand Prize awards out of 15 categories.

“I was impressed that A10’s AX 3530 achieved over 100 Gbps application throughput in the demonstration, with even higher performance in a virtual chassis configuration. It is amazing that AX achieves such high-performance in a small form factor appliance,” said Akihiko Otsuka, Editor, Computerworld IDG Interactive, Inc. and a judge for Interop Tokyo 2012’s Best of Show Award program. “Additionally, A10’s ShowNet demonstration was very unique in that the visitors’ experience was transparent when using A10’s four IPv6 migration techniques, delivering a realistic IPv6 migration solution from both end users’ and network operators’ points of view, while also showing live logs of the traffic.”

Performance Optimization: The AX 3530 won Grand Prize in the Performance Optimization category by demonstrating over 300 Gbps of load-balanced throughput in an aVCS configuration, with three AX 3530 units clustered and operated as a single device. The show floor demonstration was conducted live using the AX 3530s and IXIA traffic generators. AX 3530 with aVCS is a cost-effective alternative to fixed-chassis systems, allowing customers to scale multiple AX devices with shared capacity, no licenses (for performance or features), High Availability (HA) and a single place of management. As a 1RU appliance, the AX 3530 delivers a record breaking 115 Gbps throughput, and can cluster up to eight units with aVCS for over 900 Gbps throughput.

Any organization can benefit from the significant reduced initial capital and ongoing operating expense reduction the AX 3530 delivers in its ultra-efficient 1 RU form factor.

ShowNet Demonstration: Additionally, AX 3530 won the Grand Prize in the ShowNet Demonstration category with four different IPv4 Preservation and IPv6 Migration solutions including Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), 464XLAT (NAT64), 6rd and DS-Lite live in the ShowNet backbone. Attendees were able to access the Internet through WiFi via A10’s four different solutions by using iPads or smart phones, simulating a real-life Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment where any user can connect with any preferred device. In addition, the AX 3530 provided CGN backbone services to numerous vendor booths live on the Interop Tokyo exhibition floor.

Interop Tokyo is a leading global business technology event and attracts over 140,000 attendees from over 75 countries. The Best of Show is chosen by a leading panel of judges representing a broad spectrum of industry experts.

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