Posted by: RAH Infotech | June 29, 2012

WatchGuard XTM 330 Makes PC Pro “A-List”

New WatchGuard XTM 330 Appliance Gets Top Honors from PC Pro Magazine

WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in business security solutions, received an outstanding review from PC Pro Magazine for the WatchGuard XTM 330 security appliance.  Hailed for its “host of sophisticated security measures at a very reasonable price,” the WatchGuard XTM 330 received PC Pro’s “Recommended” and “A-List” awards.  In particular, it scored 6 stars for “Features & Design,” and 5 stars for “Value for Money,” “Performance,” and the “Overall Rating.”

“Small businesses are easy targets for hackers because they tend to have either outdated security systems or consumer-grade endpoint protection,” said Brendan Patterson, Senior Manager of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies.  “Unlike other low-cost firewalls, the XTM 330 has enterprise class security, but in a form factor and at a price that works for any small business.  It truly is a no-compromise, ultimate firewall that is optimized for today’s threat landscape.”

WatchGuard XTM 330 – Packed with the latest security technologies The XTM 330 sports the latest security services from WatchGuard, which spans a multitude of services to meet a variety of business needs.  In addition to next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention capabilities, customers can choose to add a variety of security services, such as: Application Control, gateway anti-virus, WebBlocker, spamBlocker and WatchGuard’s context-aware, cloud-based security service, Reputation Enabled Defense.  Despite its lightweight price tag, the WatchGuard XTM 330 is heavily loaded with the latest security features and advanced networking technologies available today.  These include:

  • Defense-in-depth protection – Identity-based firewalling plus WatchGuard’s unique proxy technology puts the XTM 330 at the forefront of firewall functionality;
  • Integrated VPN – Whether it is used to create secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnels for Apple iPad, iPhone and other iOS-based devices, or used to enable secure remote connectivity for mobile employees, the WatchGuard XTM 330 makes setting up a VPN effortless and easy;
  • Application Control – The WatchGuard XTM 330 provides next-generation firewall functionality via Application Control.  This allows businesses to utilize web 2.0 apps, while keeping employees focused on work rather than playing social media-based games;
  • Malware and Hacker Prevention – With the latest in intrusion prevention, spam-blocking and gateway anti-virus, the WatchGuard XTM 330 keeps malware, spyware, viruses, worms and hackers out of small business networks;
  • Cloud-based Protection – The WatchGuard XTM 330 also leverages WatchGuard’s Reputation Enabled Defense service, which is a cloud-based IP and URL reputation solution that stops threats in the cloud before they ever hit the network edge, which means network throughput is always fast;
  • Advanced Management and Reporting – Real-time monitoring, secure logging and more than 65 report templates give businesses insight as to what is going in and out of their network and by whom. This gives small businesses new insights as to web and application usage, as well as remediation abilities to enforce business and IT policies.

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