Posted by: RAH Infotech | July 16, 2012

Restoring Critical Applications now Among Customers’ top Data Protection Concerns

New Quest Software Survey Reveals Shift in Modern Backup and Recovery Priorities

Organizations now operate in a world where employees and customers alike expect critical services to be available and accessible at all times, and it’s forcing IT to rethink the way it approaches backup and recovery. According to the results of a new Quest Software survey of more than 200 IT professionals in North America, nearly three-quarters of organizations now rank restoring critical applications alongside recovering lost data as their top backup and recovery concern. Problematically, traditional data protection solutions require organizations to build recovery objectives based on servers and infrastructure, with little focus on the recoverability of the underlying applications that drive business activity. As a result, only 5 percent of organizations surveyed indicated that they build their recovery objectives strictly around applications.

News Facts:
According to the survey, 73 percent of respondents indicated that restoring critical applications ranked alongside recovering lost data as their top data protection concern. (Source: TechValidate. TVID: F63-55D-786)

At the same time, however, only 5 percent of respondents indicated that they build their recovery objectives strictly around applications, while 78 percent indicated that applications play no role whatsoever in the formation of their organization’s recovery objectives. (Source: TechValidate. TVID: F69-7B9-5FB)

Quest’s survey also confirmed a number of additional trends driving increased emphasis on the rapid recoverability of critical applications and data, with 70 percent of respondents indicating that at least half of the data their organizations produce is considered mission-critical, and nearly one-third of respondents (32 percent) indicating that company management has specifically asked them to seek ways to reduce recovery times within the past year. (Source: TechValidate. TVID: B60-0EC-78B and BF9-384-EB6.)

About the Survey:
Conducted in the second quarter of 2012 by TechValidate, a leading customer metrics and research organization, the survey polled a cross-section of 211 IT professionals that included executive-level decision makers such as chief technology officers and chief information officers, as well as a broad range of end users – including systems, network, and storage administrators– each of whom is responsible for managing certain aspects of their organizations’ data protection programs. Companies ranging in size from SMB to Global 500 across all market segments participated in the survey.

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