Posted by: RAH Infotech | May 21, 2013

Exinda Sets New Standard with Integrated Network Optimization Suite

Solution combines WAN optimization, Network Control and Application Monitoring into single-box solution

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and Network Control solutions, today announced significant enhancements to the world’s first Network Optimization suite that uniquely combines WAN Optimization, Network Control and Application Monitoring into an integrated solution specifically designed to meet the growing requirements of midmarket enterprises and educational institutions.

As new devices and high-bandwidth Internet applications storm the network, network managers are finding it increasingly difficult to reliably assure application SLAs over the WAN and Internet. As a result, many midmarket companies have been forced to deploy a variety of point solutions to solve individual network problems. With the release of its 6.4 firmware, Exinda is extending its leadership in the midmarket with a suite that integrates many of these tools into a single converged solution that allows network managers better control of their network and more predictable user experience for applications that rely on it.

“With the growth of tools for network management and the lack of integration between these tools, the complexity of performance management has increased,” said Jim Rapoza, senior network analyst for Aberdeen Group. “However, there has been a push among companies to deploy products that offer a single integrated platform for network control, along with deep visibility into user experience and application performance. Aberdeen Group data shows that 88% of organizations have or plan to centralize network and application performance and user experience visibility. By deploying an all-in-one integrated platform, these organizations are working to meet user demand, manage cost, and maintain or improve the overall quality of their network and application experience.”

Exinda’s 6.4 Network Optimization Suite uniquely delivers:

Improved Business Continuity:  Midmarket enterprises can now seamlessly cluster multiple Exinda appliances in High Availability and Load Balanced environments. This allows the appliances to share configuration, monitoring information and policies as if they were a single appliance, helping network managers increase network availability and mitigate risk.

Faster Optimization Performance:  With faster optimization of SMBv2 and MAPI traffic, midmarket enterprises can easily accelerate large file transfers, allowing end users in both headquarters and branch locations to have predictable access to business critical files.

Simplified Management of Secure WAN Servers:  New SSL capabilities make it easier for midmarket enterprises to accelerate SSL applications such as Sharepoint. Network managers can now conduct certificate management from a central location without worrying about locating and installing the public CA certificates, simplifying the configuration and speeding the deployment of HTTPS acceleration.

Richer Application Visibility:  Exinda appliances are now capable of creating a baseline Application Performance Score (APS) by monitoring application traffic for an hour, a day or a week. This reduces set-up and configuration time, and makes it easier for network managers to assess and assure the performance of all business-critical applications.

More Granular Traffic Control:  New Layer 7 Application Signatures and protocols for applications such as LinkedIn, Adobe Creative Cloud, SkyDrive and Google Drive allow network managers to more easily identify traffic and create policies to control that traffic at a user, application, website, protocol or time-of-day level, ensuring the right amount of network resource is allocated to the right traffic at the right time.
R&R Foods, Europe’s largest ice cream manufacturer for take home products, implemented Exinda’s Network Optimization suite alongside the deployment of its MPLS network knowing it would need clear visibility into the different types of traffic impacting its network.



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