Posted by: RAH Infotech | June 25, 2013

ForeScout Named Sole Contender in the Expansive Network Access Control Market as its Share Increases by 10 Percent

ForeScout Recognized as the Largest Independent Vendor and the Fastest Growing Among Leaders in the Network Access Control Market

ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of real-time network security solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises and government organizations, announced that Frost & Sullivan has recognized ForeScout’s increased market share and leadership in the Network Access Control (NAC) market. ForeScout was distinguished as the sole market contender and the one possessing the highest market penetration and capability to meet market demands for technology and scalability.

According to the Frost & Sullivan Global Analysis of the Network Access Control (NAC) Market report, published in June 2013, the three best-selling NAC solutions in both large enterprises and small medium businesses (SMBs) are respectively Cisco, ForeScout and Juniper, which represent more than 63.3 percent of the NAC market. Frost estimates that ForeScout expanded its 2012 NAC market share by more than 10 percent from the prior year. The report also indicates resurgent NAC adoption is driven by enterprise Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security initiatives, and it forecasts the market is growing by a 23.3 percent CAGR and will reach more than $670 million by 2017.1 To obtain an abridged copy of Frost & Sullivan 2013 NAC market analysis, visit

The comprehensive Frost NAC market analysis highlights drivers, technology trends, competitive landscape and required product competence. The analysts determined that the latest generation of NAC products is able to solve top IT challenges and deliver tangible business value to customers. A leading reason for renewed NAC platform adoption is the shift in the value proposition away from that of restrictive, device authentication-based technology to one that enables network access and helps organizations streamline or automate a broad range of IT operations. Key market drivers identified in the report are how NAC:

  • Enables businesses to address new trends such as BYOD
  • Supports and enhances deployed network and security technologies
  • Optimizes and automates IT operations thereby improving customer return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Reduces advanced persistent threat risks by assuring endpoint security mechanisms are active and up-to-date
  • Is delivered in a platform that is easier to deploy, use and extend as compared to previous generations

“NAC offers a quantifiable value by automating and simplifying essential IT practices. Presently, the NAC market is sustained by interest in its ability to address BYOD practices in the enterprise,” stated Chris Rodriguez, senior industry analyst for Network Security Research at Frost & Sullivan. “Going forward, NAC will gain a reputation as an essential network management technology.”

The company’s award-winning product, ForeScout CounterACT™, is a real-time security platform that delivers complete visibility and automated control for all devices, users, systems and applications attempting to connect to an enterprise network – wired or wireless, managed or unmanaged, PC or mobile. The approach combines access control, endpoint intelligence, mobile security and policy-based enforcement in an integrated appliance that does not require agents or infrastructure upgrades and does not disrupt users. As a result, IT staff can easily implement the solution and immediately resolve endpoint management and security control gaps, such as personal mobile devices, out-of-date systems, missing management agents or inactive endpoint security software. It can even mitigate issues with little or no IT intervention. The platform uniquely offers the broadest range of bi-directional integration with a company’s critical operational platforms, including SIEM, host-based protection, identity, helpdesk and configuration management systems.


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