Posted by: RAH Infotech | November 29, 2013

Exinda Earns High Marks in Network World’s Clear Choice WAN Optimization Test

Exinda challenges Riverbed and outranks five other vendors during comprehensive industry test

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN Optimization and Network Control solutions, has received exceptional scores in a definitive head to head technology comparison. The comprehensive test was conducted by Network World, the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives. The results of the comparison show Exinda attaining a second place ranking ahead of five other notable WAN Optimization vendors including Cisco, Silver Peak and Blue Coat.

Seven vendors were evaluated across six categories: Performance, Traffic Management, Visibility, Enterprise Features, Flexibility and Ease of Use, and IPv6. Tests were administered for 5 common types of enterprise WAN traffic: encrypted and unencrypted web traffic, email, Citrix Xen Desktop and Voice over IP. Exinda ranked first place or tied for first place in four of the six dimensions including Traffic Management, Visibility and Ease of Use.

Exinda was called out for its innovative approach to WAN Optimization. “If you’re looking for innovation, you’ll be as impressed, as we were with the Exinda Networks x800-series,” said Joel Snyder, a Network World Test Alliance Partner, who conducted the comparison. “Exinda is clearly thinking beyond the basics to what the next generation of network optimization products should look like.”

Exinda’s ability to provide powerful insights and control for users and applications was noted as well. Snyder observed that the Exinda x800-series offered one of “the strongest and broadest visibility feature sets,” and highlighted the appliance’s ability to drill down on data from IP address, application and user name, with Exinda’s Windows Active Directory integration.

Finally, Exinda was praised for its sophisticated traffic management capabilities which give network managers the ability to orchestrate users, applications and bandwidth allocation on the network. “Exinda’s heritage is as a traffic management company, which made it natural that it would excel in this part of our test … Network managers who think that traffic management is important will want to focus on Exinda,” Snyder said.

The complete results of the WAN Optimization Vendor Test can be found at


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