Posted by: RAH Infotech | March 13, 2014

Exinda Launches Web Content Filtering Product to Protect Enterprises and Educational Institutions from Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Exinda partners with iomartcloud to release the Exinda Content Filter and provide a safer work environment

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN Optimization and Network Control solutions, announced it is partnering with cloud service provider iomartcloud, to bring the Exinda Content Filter, an innovative web filtering solution into enterprise networks and K-12 school districts.

As a result of increased online collaboration and mobile device expansion in the workplace, the risk of employees and students accessing inappropriate content on the network is growing. In response to this trend, Exinda is integrating the content filtering capabilities from iomartcloud into its WAN Optimization and Network Control appliances which have helped over 3,000 organizations worldwide deliver safe and reliable end user experiences.

The cloud-based Exinda Content Filter will provide IT managers the ability to block access to prohibited content, prevent staff and students from downloading and sharing copyrighted material, and eliminate misuse of the network. With its best in class reporting tools, Exinda Content filter enables IT staff to monitor users and applications on or off the network, and set intelligent policies that restrict unauthorized behavior.


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