Posted by: RAH Infotech | February 15, 2016

Kemp Technologies reinforces its commitment to LoadMaster™ quality with ISO 9001

Kemp Technologies announce another great milestone in the ongoing development of what it believes to be the best Load Balancer and ADC in the marketplace, that it has achieved an ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and this achievement, which covers everything from the design and development of KEMP products and services to production, technical support and customer service, reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality, customer experience and a truly world class service.

As well as helping to meet the expectations and needs of customers, ISO 9001 provides a framework for continually improving applications, processes and systems; ensures products meet or exceed the expectations of customers; enhances customer support and service by monitoring performance; raises awareness of QMS responsibilities among suppliers and other stakeholders; and meets customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

“While ISO 9001 is traditionally associated more with manufacturing industries, the enterprise IT market is increasingly demanding quality management assurance,” said Ray Downes, CEO at KEMP Technologies. “As well as being one of the first IT companies in our market to embrace the ISO international quality standard, KEMP’s certification covers every aspect of the business, rather than just focusing on a specific process.”

“It is easy for companies to make bold claims about quality but the only way to truly validate these claims is to have externally assessed and audited measurement,” said Michael Powell, Head of Quality at KEMP Technologies. “At KEMP, we are obsessive about quality and helping our customers to maximise the benefits from application delivery technology across any platform, with high availability, better application performance, secure operations and reduced IT costs. Certification to ISO 9001 simply confirms our commitment.”


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