Posted by: RAH Infotech | February 19, 2016

Infoblox Acquires IID, A Leader in Global Cyber Threat Intelligence

The combined solution removes obstacles to effective protection, without requiring major infrastructure investments by combining Threat Intelligence with Network Context to deliver uniquely actionable security insights.

Infoblox Inc., the network control company, today announced the acquisition of privately held IID, a leader in global cyberthreat intelligence. The acquisition of IID makes Infoblox the first enterprise-grade DDI vendor that combines contextual network data with federated threat intelligence and a dedicated threat research team, to provide context-aware security using infrastructure that customers already have in place. Infoblox paid $45 million in cash, subject to customary adjustments, to the former IID stockholders as consideration for the transaction.

Today, many organizations are mired in confusion when it comes to securing their networks and broader IT infrastructure. Threat intelligence services give warnings, but don’t provide a path for translating that information into action. Monitoring systems warn of malicious activity within a network, but don’t give clarity on where to find infected devices, user information, and other metadata. Most important, network and security administrators are drowning in data and alerts, with no easy way to prioritize effective and timely threat response.

With the addition of IID’s ActiveTrust federated threat intelligence and big-data analytics platform to Infoblox security solutions, organizations can get true context-aware securityharnessing real-world data from an organization’s IT infrastructure to improve the accuracy and relevance of security decisions. Further, IID and Infoblox customers can combine contextual network data with federated threat intelligence and a dedicated threat research team, to provide context aware security using infrastructure they already have in place.

The combined solution can greatly improve operational control, allowing network and security teams to easily prioritize threat response at scale, based on enterprise context and risk. Also, Infoblox can now go beyond helping protect on-premise devices to help protect company-managed devices that are off-premise.

This combination enables customers to prioritize, protect and predict the security threats facing their networks.

  • Prioritize – Respond to threats based on security and enterprise context and risk
  • Protect – Instantly block malicious activity on both on-premise and off-premise devices without the need for additional security infrastructure
  • Predict – Preempt security compromises based on federated vertical and geo threat intelligence to more accurately assess risk



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