Posted by: RAH Infotech | March 1, 2016

Exinda’s Latest QX Platforms Break New Ground In Performance

Exinda, a global leader in network optimization and bandwidth management solutions, today announced the availability of three new members of their appliance family the 12063, 10063 and 8063.  Each platform is designed to ensure customers get more bandwidth support for their investment dollar. Built for medium to large offices and data centers, the new models support up to 20 Gbps worth of aggregate traffic and up to 400,000 users. When configured with ExOS 7.4 WAN optimization software, the 12063 supports 3X the optimized bandwidth and 50 percent more optimized connections when compared to the 10062, the most capable platform in the previous generation. The flagship 12063 platform is the first Exinda appliance featuring SSD drives for enhanced performance with up to 1 Gbps in hardware based acceleration performance.

Exinda’s intelligent solutions improve virtualization performance, speed resource consolidation and help deliver business critical applications with the best possible quality of experience. These new platforms will allow IT teams running cloud and hybrid architectures to deal with the more complex issues that make guaranteeing quality of experience harder than ever.  With this new generation of appliances, Exinda is focused on helping IT teams in three ways:

• Delivering a superior quality of experience through its enhanced reporting and analytics capability
• Ensuring that IT teams can deliver application specific quality of experience
• Providing actions, whether control, acceleration or caching based to improve the end user quality of experience


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