Posted by: RAH Infotech | April 13, 2016

Investigation Finds Thousands of Exploitable Weaknesses in Company Networks

An investigation conducted by cyber security company F-Secure finds thousands of severe vulnerabilities attackers can use to infiltrate company infrastructure.

An investigation conducted in early 2016 by cyber security company F-Secure discovered thousands of severe weaknesses in corporate networks that attackers can use to infiltrate companies. The investigation used F-Secure Radar, a vulnerability scanning and management solution, to uncover tens of thousands of instances of misconfigured systems, unpatched software, and other weaknesses, confirming to security experts that many companies don’t have enough visibility over their networks.

The investigation found that, out of nearly 85,000 instances of the 100 most common vulnerabilities identified in corporate networks, approximately seven percent of them have high severity ratings according to standards used by the National Vulnerability Database.* Nearly half of these highly severe weaknesses were exploitable, and could be used by attackers to gain control over compromised machines via remote code execution. And nearly all of these exploitable weaknesses are easy to fix with the right software patches or simple administrative changes.

This finding reinforces previous warnings regarding the importance of implementing simple security measures. According to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, following a few easy steps such as patching vulnerable software can prevent up to 85 percent of targeted cyber attacks.**

Every Vulnerability is like a ‘Kick me’ Sign

While the investigation found thousands of highly severe weak points, the findings pointed to misconfigured systems as being far more common. The 10 most frequent vulnerabilities found were low or medium severity issues, but accounted for 61 percent of all weaknesses discovered in the investigation. While these issues lack the severity of high-risk vulnerabilities, they encourage hackers to investigate further and look for additional weak spots.

Visibility of Networks and Vulnerabilities Key Preventative Measure

F-Secure’s vulnerability scanning solution, F-Secure Radar, is a certified PCI ASV solution that gives companies a complete overview of their networks, and highlights weaknesses that attackers can use to compromise systems. It includes different scanning options to provide a comprehensive analysis of networks, and ranks vulnerabilities according to their severity. Companies can use the scans to map the different systems integrated with the network, check web applications (even custom-built APIs tailored to fit unique networks and infrastructure), and locate outdated, unpatched, or misconfigured parts of their network.

Radar can be purchased as a license product and administered directly by companies, or as a service provided by F-Secure or selected reseller partners. Using Radar as a service not only provides scans conducted at agreed upon intervals, but it also provides additional support through reporting and expert guidance on patching and hardening vulnerabilities. Radar is suitable primarily for mid to large-sized companies, and available now.




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