Founded in 2005, RAH Infotech is a technology giant that, along with its world-class business associates, provides cutting-edge technologies to organizations. With key business partners in the world of system integration, networking and security solutions, we possess the necessary experience and expertise to provide total networking and network / data security solutions. Our stringent focus on client satisfaction and maximizing their return on investment makes us a comprehensive information-infrastructure solutions’ provider!

Today, we are amongst India’s leading IT Networking companies providing high-end WAN solutions, intranets and extranet gateways, security strategies and effective & high performance solutions for large corporate LANs. RAH Infotech also provides comprehensive technology consulting services in the areas of networking, security solutions, data centers and wireless communication.

We utilize effective & efficient proprietary consulting services’ methodologies to analyze and assess our clients’ IT infrastructure, thereby enabling us to provide state-of-the-art solutions to information technology organizations, IT enabled service providers, business and knowledge process outsourcing firms, government and defence organizations, internet service providers telecom organisation, data centers and organisations under all verticals. RAH Infotech also provides training in remote management & Support, as well as, pre and post sales support programmes.


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