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RAH Infotech is yet again ‘Best VAD of the year’

RAH Infotech, the fastest growing value added technology distributor in India has been awarded ‘Best VAD of the year 2017’ by SME Channels for the third time in a row.


The criteria for this award included contributions to the industry in 2017 judged by the jury consisting of journalists, Enterprise CXOs and members of ICT bodies like PCAIT and ISODA who judged RAH Infotech as the Best VAD for 2017 at the SME Channels Summit & Awards 2017. The award was conferred based on media observations and feedback from the Industry over the year.

The awards ceremony took place on the 24th of November 2017 at The Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi and was being graced by leading bureaucrats from IT Ministry and related bodies, prominent IT Business leaders and over 100 members of the ICT channel community. The event saw a Congregation of more than 300 partners, vendors, ITDMs and industry leaders.

This award along with the recent awards and recognition by VAR India and RAdware reflect on the phenomenal growth RAH Infotech has witnessed and the confidence channel partners have in Team RAH.


Mr. Ashok Kumar, CEO, RAH Infotech (extreme left) and Mr. Manjeet Singh, Vice President Sales, RAH Infotech (extreme right) receiving the award.

Company achieves this feat for the fourth time in a row.

RAH Infotech has been awarded ‘Fastest Growing Technology Value Added Distributor 2017’ at the 16th Edition of Star Nite Awards (SNA) 2017 which is considered as the litmus test for the IT corporates for engaging partners with marketing policies, Go-to–market strategies and after sales support.

The awards function held on 3rd November 2017 at The Lalit New Delhi, focuses on recognizing the best and the most channel friendly organizations apart from honoring the innovators and trend setters. This event is considered a mega IT event of India where the entire IT corporate, VAR fraternity and leaders of IT Associations from across the country will be present.

The winners’ names have been announced on the basis of the feedback received from the VARs and channel partners from all Metros, A, B and C class cities and feedback from across the country through the extensive electronic voting system combined with their editorial team and jury who give their valuable inputs for choosing the winner.

Apart from VAR India, RAH Infotech has received the ‘Fastest growing distribution company/partner’ award from many other industry bodies and OEMs in the past and continues the trend growing exponentially not only in terms of revenue but also in staff strength and geographical expansion.

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IT Monitoring: Key to empowering your team


Alessandro Porro, Senior Vice President, Ipswitch

Looking at any organization today, one sees hard-working group of individuals tasked with the near impossible- that being navigating an increasingly complex IT environment while securely delivering virtually zero downtime. That’s today’s IT teams across companies and the software one chooses to empower teams is critical to their ability to perform. Thus is it important that the right selection is made based on the company’s specific needs.

The following ‘Top 5 Business Issues’ are directly related to the monitoring tools and approach for IT team select:

Reactive Management

All IT teams react to unplanned service interruptions. But some teams identify the vast majority of issues before they are reported by users. The degree to which your team is reactive versus proactive can be measured by the percentage of service affecting incidents you first learn about from users. The more reactive the team, the less they are perceived as a valuable asset to the organization.

In countless studies and analyst reports, reactive management has been correlated with silo- or point-specific monitoring deployments. The causal effect most often stems from the inability to integrate data between organizational siloes and/or gain end-to-end visibility across technology domains.

Lengthy Troubleshooting Times

Service level disruptions trigger cross-departmental meetings and conference calls in which SMEs compare the health of their individual domains in an attempt to find a likely cause. Since what passes as a ‘healthy’ condition in at one level of the service delivery stack may cause disastrous results at a higher level, cause is all too often difficult to ascertain. This ‘siloed tool’ monitoring approach often adds considerable delay to your mean time to repair (MTTR) especially in more complex IT environments.

Higher Incident Rates

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” As time passes and user frustration mounts, IT teams often turn in desperation to the process of restarting suspected problem servers. While this approach may restore service, every IT professional knows it just adds to another ‘known problem’ to the list. Over time, an increasing number of unresolved issues resurface resulting in higher incident rates.

Lowered Service Levels

Higher incident rates and long troubleshooting times combine to reduce service levels and impact your ability to roll out improvements. A common complaint of IT teams firmly in or entering this undesirable state is that ‘too many people spend too much time troubleshooting’.

Wasted Manpower

Each management tool used requires some degree of dedicated manpower to operate and maintain. All too often, tools are selected based on the degree to which they can be customized without due consideration to the ease of customization. As the number of tools grows, this becomes a manpower drain on resources that impacts productivity. Therefore, as IT teams mature they often place a higher degree of emphasis on ease of automation and smaller numbers of tool vendors.

Advantages of a Unified Monitoring Approach

To address critical business issues, IT Teams are seeking flexible and unified monitoring tools to help them control complexity. In a typical multi-vendor environment nearly all IT components support a wide range of protocols that are used to gather data. Unified IT monitoring tools (UIMs) leverage these protocols to provide end-to-end visibility of servers, storage, networks, and applications as well as their interrelationships. This results in a number of key advantages:

A Proactive IT Posture

A single end-to-end perspective encourages a dependency-based approach to monitoring individual domain elements. For instance, knowing the scale and criticality of the virtual workload a physical servers hosts will dictate the thresholds and severity you apply to key performance indicators. When IT monitoring is based on such knowledge of dependencies it is more likely to identify potential or developing problems. Thus, organizations that use a unified monitoring approach are more likely to be proactive.

Faster Problem Resolution

Networking, server, storage and application teams are able to work together more effectively when they are all dealing with the same information. This leads to faster problem detection and resolution (MTTA, MTTR). Teams that better understand technology dependencies for the delivery of critical business applications and services are able to more quickly identify the cause of problems.


Every IT environment is different. Monitoring tools need to have the flexibility to handle a wide range of use cases, devices and protocols. Software licensing models also need to be flexible to support growth and changes in your environment. IT teams want to be able to monitor new devices and applications without having to buy additional licenses.

Improved Incident Rates

Of course, being able to detect developing problems and take proactive steps to avoid them decreases incident rates. So does actually being able to diagnose the cause of incidents. As causes are identified, problems can actually be fixed and the list of known problems decreased.

Better Service Levels

Perhaps the largest benefit of unified monitoring to IT teams is the impact on service levels. When teams are able to meet aggressive SLA’s they worry less about network availability, end-user response times and application performance and increase their focus on overall service quality factors like faster, smoother deployment of improvements.

Lower Costs

Finally, unified monitoring goes a long way to decreasing the number of silo specific tools that are actually needed. Not only does this translate to more productive use of manpower, it also means reduced costs in licensing, maintenance, configuration, training, upgrading and the associated manpower.

IT Monitoring Selection Criteria

Selecting an asset as strategic as an IT monitoring system is made more difficult by confusing vendor emphasis on the features they consider most important. In reality, there’s only one set of features that matters: the ones you need to do your job. Every IT environment is different and every IT team has different needs.


  • Automated Layer 2/3 Network Discovery: Automatically discover networked assets
  • Automated Network Mapping: Automatically map and document physical servers and virtual machines, clusters, vCenter server, and VMware ESXi hosts and guests.
  • End-to-End Dashboard View: Show all network components and domains in one window/single pane of glass.
  • Multiple/Customizable Dashboards: Support multiple out-of-the-box dashboard configurations and makes it easy to develop customer dashboards for individual users.


  • Monitor Network: Monitor anything with an IP address that is accessible by standard monitoring protocols like SNMP, WMI (Windows), and SSH (Unix/Linux).
  • Monitor Applications: Monitor the performance and availability of business critical applications running on Microsoft, Linux, Java and virtual environments.
  • Monitor Servers: Monitor the status and performance of both physical and virtual servers.
  • Monitor Storage: Monitor storage devices and report on volume utilization, analyze storage traffic load via network interfaces and detect abnormalities in the system’s temperature, fan and CPU.
  • Extensive/Custom Monitor Libraries: Support libraries of SNMP objects to monitor your network attached devices, a WMI library to monitor your Windows servers and applications. Supports easy custom monitor development.
  • Monitor Wired & Wireless Networks: Discover and monitor the dependencies between wired and wireless networks. Supports fast response to performance problems using dynamic wireless maps displaying clients, access points and wireless LAN controllers. Proactively addresses trends with historical reports on access point subscription, signal strength, and hardware health.
  • Trend Analysis: Retain historical data in order to prove SLAs are being met.
  • Continual Monitoring with Minimal Setup: Start collecting data, receiving alerts and analyzing reports in under an hour.
  • Role Based Monitoring: Allow for easy application of role based monitoring profiles.


  • Automated, Historical & Customizable Reports: Include multiple out-of-the-box reports that include historical data. Support simple customization to develop new reports. Track access and permissions changes and leverage out-of-the-box compliance reports for audits.
  • Automated Inventory Reports: Quickly generate inventory reports on network assets, H/W modules, installed S/W data, warranty status and more.
  • Automated Log & Event Management: Automatically collect store and archive logs. Generate out of the box compliance reports for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, Basel II, etc. Analyze logs to track access and permission changes typically required for compliance audits.
  • Configuration Reports: Automatically inventory and store configuration files in a secure repository. Automate configuration changes and leverages configuration change audit trails for regulatory compliance and to restore device configuration.


  • Easy Automation of Manual Tasks: Discovery, mapping, inventory reporting, compliance reporting, etc.
  • Configuration Management: Automates network device configuration including auto restoration.


  • Proactive Problem Resolution: Leverage custom dashboards, alerts and automated resolution to find and fix problems before users are impacted. Analyze network bandwidth utilization to assure critical applications and services are prioritized.
  • Simple Interface: Accelerate the diagnostics process with a simple, single-pane-of-glass interface.
  • Smart Alerting: Support flexible thresholding, alerting and alert suppression to eliminate alert storms for faster fault isolation.
  • Diagnostic Reporting: Provide extensive reporting for diagnostics and SLAs.


  • Easy to Try, Buy and Use: Provide simple evaluation process making it easy to try before you buy.
  • Simple, Flexible Licensing: Clear packaging and device-based licensing making it easy to scale without any surprises.
  • Effective Scaling: Include support for future needs and doesn’t require additional plugins, licenses, etc. when your network doubles in size.
  • Easy Set-up: Go from download to monitoring in less than an hour.
  • Support: Support during evaluation, installation/setup and ongoing use.
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RAH Infotech signs up with RedSocks Security

RAH Infotech signs on to RedSocks Security distributor Program Offering malicious threat detection solutions through its network

Ashok-Kumar-FB copy

RAH Infotech – India’s fastest growing value-added technology distributor, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with RedSocks Security (, a malicious threat detection solution company specialising in detecting malicious network behaviour and combatting cybercrime.

“RedSocks Security focuses on the real-time analysis of advanced malware and breach detection leveraging cyber threat intelligence to create advanced threat detection for companies of all sizes. Its team is comprised of cybercrime experts with years of professional experience in (large scale) digital/internet forensic investigations and IT-security, some having worked with global law enforcement agencies such as Interpol, Europol and KLPD (Dutch National Police Agency),” shared Ashok Kumar, CEO, RAH Infotech.

“We are excited about this new partnership expanding our basket of services and solutions and are looking forward to some amazing and mutually beneficial work,” further added Ashok.

“RedSocks Security has valuable partnerships with companies across the globe that operate in various sectors and play a role as resellers or technology, and strategic partners. We are enthusiastic about coming into India in partnership with RAH Infotech who are leaders in their field of operations. I am sure that with their well-established network, we will be able to offer our malicious threat and breach detection solutions to many organisations across the country” said Martin Bergonje, Executive VP Business Development.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Dalip Arora, Regional Diector India & SAARC, RedSocks Secuirty said “RedSocks Malicious Threat Detector provides complete visibility, maximum detection power and superior threat intelligence offering real-time monitoring of network traffic. This is unique to RedSocks Security and we are happy to bring this solution to Indian channel partners leveraging RAH Infotech’s vast channel base”.

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Ipswitch appoints RAH Infotech as India distributor


Ipswitch®, the leader in easy to deploy, manage and use file transfer and network management software, announced a partnership with RAH Infotech, India’s leading value added distributor (VAD) and solutions provider in the network and security domain, specializing in enterprise and application security and delivery. RAH Infotech is one of India’s fastest growing IT VAD companies, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the market since its inception in 2005. Through this agreement, RAH Infotech will distribute Ipswitch file transfer and network management software throughout India.

“India is an important market that has significant growth potential for Ipswitch,” said Alessandro Porro, Senior Vice President, International Sales APAC at Ipswitch. “The synergy between Ipswitch and RAH Infotech allows us to support this fast growing region with a further commitment to our channel strategy and expanding presence in India. RAH Infotech’s strong presence and excellent reputation makes them an ideal partner to deliver our IT management solutions to enterprises and channel partners across India.”

With this partnership, customers now have greater access to Ipswitch’s IT management solutions, including the recently released 2017 Plus versions of Ipswitch MOVEit® secure file transfer and Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold network monitoring with new cloud capabilities, new layers of security and additional user driven enhancements. Ipswitch continues to strengthen the ability of IT teams to meet the data security and performance management challenges of today’s hybrid environment with its powerful software.

“We are excited about our partnership with Ipswitch which boasts of range of solutions that address delivery of 24/7 performance and security across cloud, virtual and network environments. Their solutions help monitor and manage networks, servers and applications while helping meet regulatory compliance. This partnership with Ipswitch will further enhance RAH Infotech’s performance and security solution offerings to its partners and customers” said Mr. Ashok Kumar, MD & CEO, RAH Infotech.

India’s economy continues to thrive, and industry experts agree that the region is poised for significant growth in both the number of and contributions made by enterprises and mid-sized businesses. Businesses rank security among their top technology challenges and are turning to expert vendors and service providers to help ward off vulnerabilities.

RAH Infotech continuously studies IT industry trends and keeps an eye on solutions that fit market niches. The company reviews product strengths and market standing before introducing them to the market. For more information, visit:

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F-Secure Wins AV-TEST Best Protection Award for Fifth Time

The award reaffirms that companies who choose F-Secure’s new version of Business Suite will have proven best protection.


F-Secure has won the Best Protection award from the AV-TEST Institute for superior protection technology throughout 2016. The win makes F-Secure a five-time winner of the award, and it’s the only company in the history of AV-TEST to achieve such a distinction.

The AV-TEST Best Protection award is based on a total of monthly tests throughout the year. The AV-TEST institute, a leading international and independent service provider in IT security and anti-virus research, gives the award to the best product of the year for Windows protection. Products are tested on how well they protect against current threats as well as malware infections caused by zero-day attacks from malicious websites and emails. F-Secure’s consistent top scores throughout the year earned the company the top position for the year.

With humans as the weakest link in a company’s cyber security posture, reliable endpoint protection is critical to protecting organizations from attack. A malicious email attachment or a visit to a compromised website can compromise a company network. Preventing the infection from happening in the first place stops attackers before they can gain a foothold inside the network.

“To pass every certification test in 2016 with nearly 100% protection is an excellent achievement,” said Maik Morgenstern, CTO of AV-TEST. “We are rewarding this achievement with the Best Protection 2016 award. With its reliable detection and protection performance, Client Security belongs to the top group of corporate security products.”

“Best protection is about consistency,” said Jyrki Rosenberg, Executive Vice President of Corporate Cyber Security at F-Secure. “As a five-time winner of this award, F-Secure offers consistently better security than any other company in the industry. Our track record is unmatched by any other product. And with our new version of Business Suite, companies of all sizes with demanding security requirements will be able to take advantage of that.”

New Business Suite offers proven best protection

The award is based on F-Secure Client Security, which relies on F-Secure’s proven layered protection technology to guard corporate endpoints against both common malware and brand new threats. Client Security is a component of F-Secure Business Suite, a complete on-site security solution that’s designed to protect the whole IT environment from gateway to endpoints. A new version of Business Suite has just been launched, and it’s retooled for improved scalability, control and visibility of a company’s whole security infrastructure.

The newest Business Suite includes scalability improvements such as MySQL database support and the addition of F-Secure Proxy, which distributes signature and third party software updates to dedicated proxy servers, reducing network traffic. Among other enhancements, an updated management console improves and enhances admin control.

Business Suite covers Windows, Linux and Mac workstations and laptops, as well as file, print, email and collaboration servers, with full support for both physical and virtual endpoints. It includes features like Botnet Blocker, to repel botnets and ransomware; Software Updater, to easily keep applications up-to-date; and Virtual Security, which lets admins offload scanning to improve performance.

“Business Suite is the solution of choice for companies who are looking for a scalable and powerful onsite solution, and who want to be in full control of their IT security infrastructure,” said Rosenberg. “F-Secure Business Suite offers companies all that, as well as officially the Best Protection.”

is an independent supplier of services in the fields of IT Security and Antivirus Research, focusing on the detection and analysis of the latest malicious software and its use in comprehensive comparative testing of security products.


RAH Infotech received the Best Value Added Distributor – APAC 2016 from F-Secure at the recently concluded F-Secure Channel meet at Chennai. The mega event witnessed participation from over 200 partners representing over 120 channel organisations across India. This residential channel meet was held at Hyatt in central Chennai on 18th January 2017.

The event was presided over by Mr. Samu Konttinen, President and CEO, F-Secure Corporation along with Jaakko Hyttinen, VP Global Corporate Sales, Jimmy Ruokolainen, Vice President, Product Management and Rune Kristensen, Director, Radar Services. F-Secure used this platform to also launch their new product and to introduce new partner programs.

RAH Infotech was recognised for fuelling F-Secure’s growth in India and for being the best in the whole of APAC region. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Kumar, CEO & MD, RAH Infotech said “We are delighted to be recognised at an APAC level and this award means a lot to us. Over the last couple of years we have really worked hard and I credit this award to my team’s effort. I take this opportunity to thank F-Secure for their continued support.”



Mr. Suchit Karnik addressing the audience


RAH Infotech, a value added technology distributor in India, continued its expansion spree with the launch of its Nepal operations. The company announced its arrival into Nepal market by conducting the first Channel Fest in association with its OEMs Radware, Exinda and WinMagic.

In this gala event held at Hotel Yak & Yeti, over 55 IT personals from 25 different partner companies took part, making the event a grand success. Mr. Sabin Upadhyaya, Country Manager, Nepal for RAH Infotech delivered the welcome speech introducing RAH Infotech and its OEMs to the partners gathered.

Mr. Suchit Karnik, Senior VP, RAH Infotech took the audience on a RAH Infotech journey and explained why RAH Infotech has been the fastest growing value added technology distributor in India for the last three years in a row and what value it can add to partners’ business and how they can benefit from working with RAH Infotech.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Karnik said “Nepal is an important region for RAH Infotech and hence we are setting up our operations here with a dedicated team to cater to this market. We’ve been the fastest growing VAD in India and with continued support from Nepal channel community, we expect to replicate the success in this market as well,” he added.

Representatives from Radware Mr. Apurva Bhatnagar and Mr. Vandit addressed the gathering about the application delivery and cyber security challenges and opportunities in the market and how Radware can help partners address customer challenges while benefiting from working with Radware.

Mr. Abhishek (RSM, WinMagic) educated the audience on the importance of data security and data theft issues plaguing organisations and how the same can be effectively overcome using WinMagic encryption and data security solutions. Mr. Rahul Kumar, Country Manager, WinMagic announced exciting incentive schemes for the partners while explaining how WinMagic solutions can address customers’ data security concerns.

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To Pay or Not to Pay: Ransom-Based Threats on the Rise


A contributory article by Mr. Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director – India & SAARC, Radware

Even though C-suite executives are unlikely to have full visibility to every security threat, one in seven respondents in the 2016 Executive Application & Network Security Survey reported that they experienced a ransom attack in the past year. More than half (54%) admitted to paying a ransom.

Across industries and geographies, the propensity to send funds could reflect a strong desire to make the threat “go away” by simply giving in to the demands. That action may have the unintended—and undesirable—consequence of inviting continued ransom threats. If word gets out on the “dark web” that a company paid, it can expect to receive additional threats from the same or different attackers. After all, negotiating with criminals can become a proverbial slippery slope.

Businesses facing growing threats from ransom-based attacks could be categorized into two primary “flavors”:

  • Ransomware – in which attackers typically use malware to encrypt critical data, making it unusable until the user complies with instructions to make a payment via Bitcoin. One of the latest varieties to emerge is Ransom32, which is ransomware as-a-service that gives cyber criminals a jumpstart on holding victims’ information hostage.
  • DDoS for ransom – in which attackers send their target a letter that threatens a DDoS attack at a certain day and time unless the organization makes a payment (usually $2,000 to $10,000) via Bitcoin. Often hackers will launch a small-scale attack as a preview of what could follow.

Previous Radware research revealed an increase in ransom-oriented attacks, which accounted for about one-quarter of motivations in 2015 (versus 16% in the prior year). In the full-length 2015-2016 Global Application & Network Security Report, Radware predicted that ransomware and DDoS for ransom schemes would continue to affect everything from traditional enterprises to cloud companies. The findings of the most recent Executive Survey underscore the validity of that prediction.

November 2015, the Swiss-based encrypted email provider experienced consecutive attacks initiated with a ransom request by hacker group The Armada Collective. Hoping to stop the attacks, ProtonMail paid  ransom, only to see the attacks continue with volumetric and burst attacks combining application and network vectors.

The Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita learned a similar lesson in May 2016. Having fallen prey to ransomware, the hospital paid the ransom to get its files back. Instead, it received only “partial access,” along with a demand for more funds. The hospital declined the second request. Its experiences were the latest in a string of ransomware attacks targeting hospitals and health systems across the U.S.

How can you detect a fake ransom letter?

The Armada Collective normally requests 20 Bitcoin (approx. $6,000 US Dollars at the peak of the attacks), while other campaigns have been asking for amounts above and below this amount. Fake hackers request different amounts of money. Low Bitcoin ransom letters are most likely from fake groups who are hoping their price point is low enough for someone to pay rather than seek help from professionals.

Check Your Network

Real hackers prove their competence by running a small attack while delivering a ransom note. If you can see a change in your network activity, the letter and the threat are probably genuine.

Look for Structure

Real hackers are well organized. Fake hackers, on the other hand, don’t link to a website. Nor do they have official social media accounts.

Consider Other Targets

Real hackers tend to attack many companies in a single sector. Fake hackers are less organized, targeting anyone and everyone in hopes of making a quick profit. Contact peers or information sharing organizations in your industry to see if there is a more widespread campaign underway.

What now?

While it is impossible to predict the next target of a ransom group, organizations need to proactively prepare their networks and have an emergency plan in place for such an incident. If faced with a threat from a blackmail group, it is important to take the proper steps to mitigate the attack. Organizations under attack should consider:

A security solution that can protect an infrastructure from multi-vector attacks, including protection from network and application-based DDoS attacks, as well as volumetric attacks that can saturate the Internet pipe.

A cyber-security emergency response plan that includes an emergency response team and process. Identify areas where help is needed from a third party.

Monitoring security alerts and examining triggers carefully. Tuning existing polices and protection to prevent false positives and allow identification of real threats when they occur.


In a year that saw this organisation crossing many milestones and winning many awards, RAH Infotech wins yet again and this time the ‘Fastest Growing Technology VAD 2016’ award from SME Channels at the recently held SME Channels Achiever’s Award function 2016.

With a consistent 50% growth YoY RAH Infotech has been scaling new heights every fiscal. This is second such award in less than a month with a similar award received from VAR India. All these awards put RAH Infotech clearly ahead of the race and the company aims to take it to next level in the coming years.

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